Small, medium and large PUBLICLY-TRADED CORPORATIONS operating in various business segments. Working closely with senior officers and staff from the finance, accounting and communications departments, we develop and implement customized financial and corporate communications programs aiming to:

  promote the visibility and reputation of the client company with existing and     potential investors through a regular flow of effective communications;

  foster a thorough understanding in the marketplace of the company’s activities,     growth strategies and financial indicators, as well as its industry’s dynamics and     potential;

  provide investors with accurate and timely information about the issues,     objectives and procedures pertaining to special situations (mergers/acquisitions,
    financing, restructurings, strategic shifts, changes in management, etc.);

  maintain contact with financial networks and, according to the company’s needs,     broaden and diversify its investor base (in terms of geographic markets and/or     distribution between institutional and individual investors);

  support the company in its corporate governance practices and help it comply     with continuous disclosure legislation; and

  ensure that its financial and communications programs fit with its overall     communications and take into account the issues and sensibilities of its various     publics (directors, employees, customers, suppliers, local elected representatives,
    surrounding communities, etc.).

  plan a listing on the stock exchange by     way of an initial public offering (IPO) or     reverse takeover (RTO);
  are working on special projects     (mergers/acquisitions, major     investments, etc.);
  or simply want to enhance their     corporate documentation and     presentation material.